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— S.Stroub, Stroub Construction

Green Resources

This is the page that will be changing and expanding the most, so please come back often to see what's new!

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We will endeavor to keep abreast of developments affecting our trade. We will make every effort to recycle fixtures and material when possible.

We have been and will continue to attend as many "Green" seminars as possible including the Ecological Building Network "Residential Green Building". We are in the process of becoming certified "Green Plumbers". We earned our first of five certifications in the GreenPlumbers "Caring for Our Water" Seminar.

We have joined BuildingGreen and keep abreast of the latest trends through the "Environmental Building News.


  • Oasis Design
  • Greenbuilder
  • Building Green
  • Watersense
    The Watersense label will be similar to the Energy Star label, except product testing is done by third parties, rather than the manufacturers themselves. Watersense is EPA sponsored.
  • California Urban Water Conservation Council
    This site contains many informative links. Check out the Alliance for Water Efficiency.
  • HET: High Efficiency Toilet ( PDF document )
    By 2014 HET toilets will be mandatory. This document contains useful information about the specifications and benefits of high efficiency toilets, as well as a list of available products.
  • Catalog Choice
    I know this is not a plumbing related, but if you are getting too many unwanted catalogs I have found a great place for you! It's called Catalog Choice. It's easy and free to join. When you get a catalog you don't want, go to their website and select it and they do all the work. We did it and probably have saved our mail person from future back surgery. Check it out.
    ARCSA is the American Rainwater Catchment Systems Association and is the largest rainwater association out there. They cover all components of the rainwater system from capturing to supplying toilet tanks, irrigation and even drinking water. Although drinking water is not allowed in the Bay Area yet it may come yet. We have taken the extensive class and test and are now Accredited Members/Installers.