"Plumbworks has consistently met the challenge of working with our most sophisticated clientele."
— Charles, FMA Builders


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Plumbworks has now been in business for over 35 years and is focused on our core qualities. Over this time we have done many technically difficult projects and have honed our skills. We have come across problems most other plumbing contractors never even experience. We have gotten very good at anticipating “bumps” down the road and avoiding them.

Even though we may not be as focused on service work, as our contract work, we are committed to doing the best possible job there as well. Our finish technicians do our service work and have much more experience with high end fixtures then most service companies.


Plumbworks uses the same great technicians that do our finish work also do our service work. Both Waterworks and Dornbracht recommend us to repair other plumbers work when they don’t do it right. If we are not capable of doing the work either due to lack of equipment or time we are happy to recommend an accomplished company that can meet the task at hand.

Fire Sprinklers

In the past, though we have always installed fire sprinkler systems, our focus has been on traditional plumbing. However, in response to repeated requests from our clients to help them find reliable fire sprinkler contractors, we have redoubled our efforts in this area. We can address your fire sprinkler needs from planning & permits to installation. We take the same care & offer the same commitment to quality and workmanship as we do in our plumbing work.

Check out a complete map and list of our 200+ projects in the SF Bay Area.